Damsel In Distress 532 - Kat Woman Vs. Satania, Golden Chalice

Released at: October 14, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
Satania held the golden chalice the world wanted to possess. She had it displayed under heavy guard at her lair. Kat Woman learned that Satania had the precious chalice and sought out to take it away from her. She crept through the woods until she arrived at Satania's lair. Kat Woman knew she had henchmen so she crawled on the roof top and finally found an opening in. There was the chalice under a spotlight. Kat Woman's eyes were wide with awe. It sparkled like nothing she had ever seen. She swiftly grabbed it. An alarm sounded that hurt Kat Woman's sensitive ears. Satania was napping, a henchman at her side when she woke to the alarm. She caught Kat Woman red handed. They fought over the irreplaceable item until Satania finally knocked Kat Woman out. Henchman carried Kat Woman to the chamber. There, Satania had many devices to use on the helpless feline. Kat Woman fought back. Satania took actions that made her weak and submissive. Kat Woman said that they would not make her bend. They could fuck her all day and it would not matter. Do their worst she taunted. Satania's henchman was rewarded when Satania gave him permission to fuck the feline furiously! Kat Woman was made to get down n her knees to suck the monster's cock. Satania lay her out and used an electric device on her pretty pussy making Kat Woman to orgasm. Henchman watched, his cock stiff. Satania sat back and watched laughing as he pumped away. Kat Woman under Satania's serum moaned with pleasure as she came again. Kat women's tits bounced as her body shook. Satania played with her erect nipples and stroked her clit. Finally Hench man was ready to cum. Satania ordered him to fill her feline mouth. Satania snowballed his cum back into her mouth. Then with a swift flash of Satania's hand Kat Woman collapsed on the floor. Her puss and mouth dripping with cum. Satania laughed an evil laugh as she watch her new sex slave lay humiliated.

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