Damsel In Distress 524 - Fantasy Fuck Failure

Released at: October 14, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
Stacie has been married for years. Her sex life is very routine. She is looking for some spice in her sex life. She learns of an organization that safely allows women to have their taboo fantasies fulfilled. She contacts them and tells them what she wants. She is surprised to learn that they can take care of her that day. It works out perfectly because her husband is not supposed to return from his business trip until the next day. She spends hours getting ready for her session and leaves the house. Shortly after she left her husband arrives home. His trip was cut short due to his last meeting being cancelled. He walks into the kitchen expecting to find his wife there cooking something. She is always home. He looks around for a note and then realizes that she is not expecting him home until tomorrow. He spots the paper on the counter from the organization. He reads it, sees Stacie's notes on the paper and calls the number. It quickly dawns on him that she is going to get fucked by some stranger. He grabs his keys and heads for the address. They do not have any real security. He walks in the back door and looks around. He finds a man getting dressed in all black with a mask. He acts like he works there and the guy tells him he is getting ready for a gig; some horny housewife looking for an against her will fantasy. Mike pays him $50 to take his place. They swap clothes and he enters the room where Stacie is waiting. She is wearing a body stocking and a jacket. He has never seen these clothes before. He runs his hands over her breasts and she smiles. He gently strokes her legs. His anger builds. She thinks it is another guy and she is enjoying it. He ties and opens her coat. He continues to fondle her breasts. He takes the coat off. He slips the blindfold over her eyes. She wants a fantasy. He will give her a fantasy. He leads her over to a couch. He takes a stocking and runs it up and down her arms. Then he ties her wrists together. He pulls out his cock and puts it in her hands. The slut starts to stroke him. He opens her mouth and shoves his cock in. She thinks she is sucking a stranger's cock. Fucking slut! He pushes in deep. She complains. He holds her arms down and makes her go deeper onto his cock. He unties her wrists, stands her up and ties them behind her back. She asks that he not tie her tight, he does. Now that her hands could not get in the way he put his cock deeper into her throat. She kept asking him to be gentle. She told him to do whatever he wanted but be gentle. He spread her legs and jammed his cock into her without warning. He squeezed her nipples hard. She screamed in pain. He stood her up and turned her around. He bent her over the couch and rammed into her from behind. He smacked her ass hard with every stroke. She continued to complain. He spun her around again and entered her. She grunted with every stroke. He pulled out and shoved his cock back down her throat. She gagged every time he hit the back of her throat. He fucked her face until he came in her mouth. Most of the load went right down her throat. She was not anticipating swallowing a stranger's cum. He shoved back into her mouth and made her suck him clean. He stood her up and pulled off her blindfold. She was still protesting. He pulled up his mask and called her a cheating bitch.

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