Damsel In Distress 513 - PTA Night

Released at: October 14, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
Miss Starr was finished for the night with the PTA. As she went over paperwork her last parent left the building. Miss Starr heard the door open. Without looking up she quickly told whomever it was they would need to reschedule. She did not hear a reply so she peered over her glasses only to see a masked man standing in front of her arms folded and a scary stance. Miss Starr screamed but the man did not flinch. He smiled at her fear. He slowly came toward her, cornering her against the wall. Miss Starr begged the man to leave her alone. He began to unbutton her suit jacket, then her blouse. Miss Starr began to whimper. He pushed her down and unzipped his pants. His cock bounced out and into her face. Miss Starr looked up at him. He put his cock into her mouth. It took up every inch. Miss Starr choked on it. She was a prude school maid and not used to sucking cock. He loved watching her gag. She told him that she would do whatever he wanted. She just wanted to leave. His erection was ready for her pussy. He tied her wrists behind her back and laid her on the desk. She wore sheer to the waist pantyhose. He tore a hole open in the crotch and slowly fucked his victim. He moved her to the student's desk and fucked her until he was ready to cum. He shot his load across her pretty prude face.

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