Damsel In Distress 501 - Mob Accountant

Released at: October 14, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
Rachel was an underpaid over worked accountant until she was hired for the cartel. Rachel loved the bonuses, new cars, jewelry and other lavish gifts her bosses gave her. She took an oath when she was hired that she would not talk under any circumstances. She had even been harassed a bit before they all agreed she was to be their accountant. Rachel learned quickly how to use her feminine charms to persuade men. She dressed sexy in the office to keep them interested. One afternoon Rachel was hard at work adding up all the money the cartel pulled down for the month when a cop burst in her office, weapon drawn and pointing at Rachel's head. Rachel was packing herself and she pulled her weapon, pointing at him. He had the advantage. He told her to assume the position and frisked her. He spent a lot more time than necessary on her tits and crotch. The cop handcuffed her and took her by the hair sitting her in a chair. He demanded she give him codes to access the bank accounts. Rachel knew if she did she would die. She refused, the cop knew it would be difficult to get it out of her. He made Rachel suck his cock. Rachel thought quickly, sucking cock to live, no problem. She told him he could do whatever he wanted to her but she would never reveal the codes. She got on her knees and sucked him like she loved it. She hoped he would cum and leave her alone. The cop was wise to Rachel, he pushed her face down on the table and began to fuck her hard. He flipped her over so she had to look him in the face while he fucked her. He banged her hard, but she still refused to give the codes. The cop was getting impatient, he grabbed Rachel by the hair and pushed her back on her knees, he knew how prissy she was and assumed that if he threatened to cream all over her pretty face maybe she would talk. Rachel simply opened wide welcoming his load. He came across her face then sat her back in the chair. He was furious now. Rachel began to laugh, she had been through worst scenarios before. He cleaned her up and fixed her clothes. Rachel thought it was finished. The cop sat her back at her desk and took a vile out. He put several drops in her water then told her it was a Nerotoxin that would induce a fatal heart attack. He had the antidote and would give it to her if she gave him the codes. Rachel refused, she thought he was bluffing. He shoved the liquid down her throat. Rachel soon began to feel the effects. She slumped out of her chair onto the floor gasping for air as her chest tightened, she was having a heart attack! The cop asked her one final time and she refused. He placed her back at her desk hands on the keyboard, looking like she had a heart attack there. No evidence, but also no codes. Had Rachel won? The mob would be proud of her final job.

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