Damsel In Distress 487 - Wunder Woman And Super Gal Meet Dark Doomsday

Released at: October 14, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
Wunder Woman and Super Gal went to seek and destroy Dark Doomsday. The villain had created a powder that when exposed to it he had complete mind control over his victims. Wunder Woman found his lair and as they searched for the powder, Dark Doomsday attacked Super Gal. The heroines battled hard with him, just when they thought they had him he blasted them in the faces with the powder. Wunder Woman and Super Gal fell to their knees choking, when they awoke they were strung up and feeling the effects. Dark Doomsday took the opportunity to man handle them both. Soon they . He took them to his chamber, Super Gal tied and on his bed, Wunder Woman's magic belt removed and bound with her lasso, both were completely under his control. He tested his victims by asking them if they would do whatever he asked of them, they both agreed with glazed eyes. Dark Doomsday's cock became erect at the thought of having both as his sex slaves. He slowly DEBOOTED Wunder Woman taking his time slowly unzipping then inhaling her scent from each boot. He used Super Gal first, she sucked his cock, and he fucked her in several positions. Wunder Woman watched and he told her to be aroused by what he was doing to her side kick. Wunder Woman watched like a zombie, her tits out and nipples erect. Dark Doomsday had Super Gal suck Wunder Woman tits and rub her pussy. Wunder Woman squirmed in her chair slowly reaching orgasm. Dark Doomsday fucked Super Gal as she did this to Wunder Woman and he came all over Super Gal's face. Wunder Woman and Super Gal were spent, they collapsed from sexual exhaustion.

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