Damsel In Distress 477 - Wunder Woman Surrenders

Released at: October 14, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
Wunder Woman keeps foiling Fausta's evil plots. She decides to get revenge again. She lays a trap for Wunder Woman. Wunder Woman is creeping around Fausta's lair when Fausta grabs her from behind and holds the heroine at bay. Wunder Woman allows herself to be held knowing that she can break free at any time. She taunts Fausta and when she tries to break free she discovers that her super powers are not working. Fausta tells her that her powers are neutralized in her lair. Fausta cuffs her hands behind her back and fondles her massive breasts. Fausta drags Wunder Woman away and puts her in a large cell. Wunder Woman stands in the prison and spies a camera on the wall. She tries to break the cuffs but fails. Her powers are still not working. She talks seductively to the camera knowing her captor is watching. She flaunts herself in front of the camera hoping to lure her captors back in so she can escape. Fausta enters the cell and rips her lasso off and places it around her waist. She asks Wunder Woman if she likes to be dominated and made to cum. Wunder Woman cannot lie and admits that she likes it. Fausta leads Wunder Woman out of her cell and takes her into her lair. Wunder Woman is bound, hands in the air. Fausta fondles and taunts Wunder Woman. Fausta makes her spread her legs and applies a vibrator to her sensitive crotch. Fausta pulls down her top and fondles and sucks Wunder Woman's large bare breasts. Fausta kisses her passionately and Wunder Woman enthusiastically responds. Later that month after being rescued for Fausta's clutches Wunder Woman has been told she must surrender to Fausta or the city will be destroyed. Wunder Woman has no choice but to comply. She returns to Fausta's lair to give herself up. She enters the lair and walks into the room where she last encountered Fausta. She sees a camera mounted on the wall and starts talking to it. She assumes Fausta or one of her cronies is watching. She tells them that she is there as requested. She toys with them, parading herself around the room. Fausta enters and cuffs her wrists together. She chains her to the ceiling of the room. Fausta whips Wunder Woman without mercy. Wunder Woman cries out in pain. Fausta pulls down her top and explores her magnificent breasts again. She steps away for a moment and comes back with a large silver vibrator. She pulls Wunder Woman's costume to the side and inserts the vibrator into her pussy. Wunder Woman struggles to get away but is quickly overcome by an orgasm. Now that Fausta has her pussy well prepared she is ready for the final part of her plan. She lifts her skirt to reveal a large black strap-on cock. She makes Wunder Woman suck it. Then she bends her over and slides her black cock in from behind. Wunder Woman resists but cannot help but enjoy the sensation of Fausta's big cock sliding in and out of her. She spins her around and fucks her from the front so she can see her face. She pushes Wunder Woman to her knees and makes her suck it again. Fausta sits in a chair and makes Wunder Woman mount and ride her cock. Fausta plays with her breasts from behind while Wunder Woman rides the cock. She makes Wunder Woman suck the cock clean as the final indignity.

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