Damsel In Distress 474 - Invisi Woman Vs. Defiler

Released at: October 14, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
Dr. Doomsday had finished his creation in his laboratory. Defiler is a bio-cyborg with only one purpose, to fuck and impregnate Invisi Woman. Invisi Woman was showering, her long strong legs and shapely round ass soaped up and looking fantastic. After her shower she sat on the bed brushing her hair. She looked at her sexy outfit and put it on, admiring herself in the mirror. All of a sudden she felt the presence of something evil. She spun around to see Defiler standing there. She took a stance and demanded to know who she was and how she got in. Defiler stood over 6 feet tall, dark smooth skin, wild mane of hair, long purple nails, and a huge black cock. The cyborg stayed calm, telling her the purpose of her visit. Invisi Woman bolted forward trying to go invisible but her powers were gone! She locked hands with defiler and the fight was on. Defiler let Invisi Woman try to overpower her, but she quickly weakened. Defiler took her down to the bed and flipped her on her tummy slapping her ass hard until it was red and painful. Defiler then stripped our hero, her big breasts exposed and her bottoms off. Defiler took her by the throat and stood her up, she made Invisi Woman to kiss her. Defiler roamed Invisi Woman's body. Invisi Woman was under her control and began to enjoy the mauling. Defiler prepared Invisi Woman for what would be the ultimate, her huge permanently erect cock that was full of cyborg semen ready to fill her womb. Defilerââ?¬Ë?s seed impregnates immediately and Invisi Woman will give birth to hundreds of green, slimy eggs soon after penetration. Defiler was ready to fuck Invisi Woman. She pushed her on the bed and took her doggy style, she racked one purple claw across Invisi Woman's leg causing cut marks. Invisi Woman was furious thinking she would be permanently marked by this thing! The fucking went on in different positions until Defiler was ready to plant her semen. She let out a scream as she ejaculated deep inside Invisi Woman. Defiler had completed her task, she left Invisi Woman on the bed taking her bottoms as a souvenir. A few hours passed Invisi Woman awoke, still sweaty and covered in semen. She felt her tummy swell and sharp pains stabbing her in the abdomen. She sat up and it only got worse. Crawling on the floor to the phone, she called emergency to help her, she said she was pregnant and about to give birth. She felt the urge to push and could not stop it. She squatted and pushed, a large green bumpy egg shaped thing slid out of her hitting the floor, it was covered in white semen and . Invisi Woman looked at it and felt her sight going away. She on the floor. What will become of Invisi Woman? Will defiler be back to collect her spawned young?

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