Damsel In Distress 470 - Psycho Thriller

Released at: October 14, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
Rachel was enjoying a nice hot shower. She did not suspect what was about to happen to her when she opened the curtain. She screamed in horror when she saw a man with a black stocking on his face and completely naked with a hard on. He grabbed her by the throat and brought her to the dining room table. There he pulled her by her hair so her head hung off the table. He shoved his cock in her mouth choking her and calling out obscene names while face fucking her. He yanked her again by the hair to the couch were he bent her over and fucked her from behind. Pulling her hair so hard she could barley breathe. The man took her back to the table and face fucked her again. Then he bent her over and fucked her from behind. Her arms were bent behind her back as he pounded her. Rachel moaned as he fucked her. When he was done abusing her he pulled his cock out and blasted his load in her open mouth and all over her face. Rachel thought he would go, but he grabbed her hair and pulled her back to the shower were he bound her wrists to the shower head and fucked her again. Rachel went into shock and . He stepped out to admire his work, her hanging limp and naked.

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