Damsel In Distress 466 - Retaliation On Fausta

Released at: October 14, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
The evil Fausta took great pleasure in humiliating Wunder Woman at every opportunity. The Magician had heard of her evil activities. Although he was no great fan of Wunder Woman he thought that Fausta needed to be taken down a notch. He sent a communication to her offering to join him to humiliate and defeat Wunder Woman. Fausta agreed to the meeting. The Magician was already in her hideout when she arrived. He told her that she this time it was she who was going to be humiliated. He waved his hands and Fausta found herself seated in a chair. He waved his hands again and she lost her costume. He waved again and her hands were tied behind her. One final wave of his hands and her bra was removed. Fausta was used to being in charge. She had never been tied and stripped before especially by magic. He waved his hands and then appeared in front of her with stiff cock in hand. He grabbed the back of her head and made her go towards his cock. She struggled and refused to suck. He told her if she did not do it he would make her appear naked in a cell full of horny men. She reluctantly opened her mouth and he made his cock go down her throat. He face fucked her until he was ready to cum. He pulled out and blasted her face completely catching her by surprise. He put his cock away and waved his arms again. He vanished, leaving Fausta still tied to the chair with a face full of cum.

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