Damsel In Distress 464 - Wunder Woman And Wunder Gal Vs. Mad Scientist

Released at: October 14, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
Wunder Woman and Wunder Gal broke into Mad Scientist's laboratory in search of a chemical weapon that could destroy the city. They reached a hallway that ended, smoke began to overcome the women. They collapsed. Mad Scientist bound and gagged our heroes. When they awoke Wunder Woman was bound with her lasso and weak. He laughed at them for thinking they could out smart him. He made Wunder Gal get down to her knees and made her lick Wunder Woman's pussy. Mad Scientist would have fun with these Amazon beauties. He pulled Wunder Woman's' top down so her tits bounced out. Wunder Gal and Wunder Woman were made to suck him off until he came in their mouths. Wunder Woman promised she would get her revenge.

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