Damsel In Distress 430 - Bikers Bang Bitch

Released at: October 14, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
Stacie's old man had gone up for a 9 month stretch on a possession charge. He had left owing a lot of people money. Stacie kept up the place on what little money they had. She was cleaning up the barn when she heard a couple Harleys pull up. Two guys that looked sort of familiar walked into the barn and asked where Big Earl was. She told them that he was in county lockup. They said Earl owed them money. She said she was broke but she would let Earl know that they wanted their money when she went to visit them. They said since they were not going to get their money today they would get a little interest. They grabbed Stacie and strung her up in the barn with her hands above her head. They fondled her body, unbuttoned her shirt and yanked her tits out. She hoped they would not leave her like this when they left. She got her wish and more. They moved her onto a blanket in the stall. She found herself on her knees. Looked like she was going to have to suck some cock. It was not her first time. After all she was a biker bitch. They do get passed around from time to time. She kept trying to talk her way out of it but soon she had some meat down her throat. Then she was pushed down on her hands and knees and the other one was behind her. Looked like she was going to get fucked too. Soon she was getting it from both ends. She got flipped over on her back and stuffed again. She hoped they would hurry up and leave. She took the first load and her face and neck. She did not count on his buddy blowing on her face too. They left her cum covered and tied in the stall. They told her to make sure Earl got the message.

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