Damsel In Distress 427 - Wunder Woman Imposter

Released at: October 14, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
Taylor read another headline in the paper about how Wunder Woman saved the day. She was just a publicity hound in a costume. Taylor had been trying to become an actress but could not get any traction. If she could get a couple headlines like Wunder Woman she could be a star. The article talked about how Wunder Woman was going to capture the Avenger. What is the big deal? Anybody could do it with a rope and a pair of handcuffs. Taylor decided that she was going to catch this Avenger moron and get some easy publicity. She went into her room and put on the Wunder Woman costume she had from Halloween and checked herself out in the mirror. She hopped in her car and drove over to where the Avenger was last seen. She crept into the house figuring he would be resting and easy to catch. It did not go quite the way she expected. She slipped into the house and he was waiting for her. He overpowered her immediately. She regained consciousness on his couch. She was hogtied and he was fondling her bare breasts. For the first time Taylor realized she might be in over her head. He pulled her costume to the side to check out her shaved pussy. When she realized how badly this was going she told the Avenger that she was not Wunder Woman. She explained who she was and what she was doing. He was disappointed that he had not taken Wunder Woman although he had to admit that it seemed awfully easy to capture her. He decided that the least she could do is pleasure him. Taylor told him he could do whatever he wanted. She just wanted to get out of there in one piece. He pulled out her gag and shoved his cock in her mouth. She knew what to do. The quicker she could make him cum the sooner she could go home. He grabbed both sides of her head and really face fucked her. Taylor hoped that she could get out of there with just a blowjob but it did not happen that way. He bent her over the couch and fucked her hard from behind. She felt like she was being split wide open. He tossed her on her back and jammed her again. He played with her clit while he fucked her. He fucked her long and hard until he came. Taylor learned that there is more to being Wunder Woman than a costume.

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