Damsel In Distress 421 - Party Favor

Released at: October 14, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
Stacie was dressed in her Trekkie costume getting ready to leave for her party. She walked into the kitchen to announce to her husband and step-son that she was ready to go to the party. Her husband had been complaining that there was nothing ready for dinner. He asked her what she was talking about. She told him that she had been talking about this party for a month. He did not remember her mentioning it. Of course he never listened to her anyway. Her step-son made rude comments about her costume. He husband walked around her and examined her outfit. He lifted the edge of her dress to see she was wearing stocking and garters. He wanted to know why she needed that stuff on underneath. She said everyone was dressing up for the party. He told her to go to her damn party. After she left he told his step-son that she was screwing around. No one needed to go out without a bra and underwear on to a party if she was not planning to get fucked. His step-son asked him what he was going to do about it. He told him that they were going to find some costumes and go to that party to see what his trashy slut step-mother was up to. They arrived at the party a couple hours later. When they rang the bell, none other than Stacie answered the door. They could tell she was Tipsy. She did not recognize them. Either their costumes were very good or she was too bombed to notice. Stacie mistook Brent for someone named Tommy. He just nodded. It became clear to them that whoever Tommy was that Stacie had been fucking him. She buzzed no time in hanging all over him. She suggested they go in the back of the house for a quickie and he pointed at his step-father. Stacie exclaimed kinky and said go for it. They went into an unoccupied bedroom and Stacie quickly found herself on her knees sucking them both off. Her husband was grabbing the back of her head and jamming her down on his cock. She just thought they liked it a little rough. He got madder and madder as she unknowingly sucked her step-son and husband off. Her husband grabbed her and pushed her over onto the bed. He jammed his finger into her pussy and she rotated her hips. She really was a slut. He slapped her ass as he spread her cheeks. Brent jammed his cock into from behind. She cried out as he rammed it in. Her husband positioned himself in front her so she could suck his cock while she got fucked from behind. They flipped her over on her back and yanked her tits out. He pulled her head over the edge of the bed and jammed his cock down her throat while she continued to be fucked by her step-son. He started squeezing her neck as he mouth fucked her. He kept getting madder and madder as he saw what his slut wife was capable of. He leaned over and pulled his mask off and then said hello. She screamed and said she was Tipsy or it would have never happened. Then Brent pulled off his mask and she screamed. Her husband pushed her hard against her step-son's cock. She claimed that she was deceived. They both knew it was bull. He yanked her legs up by her heels so her step-son could fuck her like the whore that she is. They switched places and fucked her even harder. They kept fucking her until the final humiliation. Brent blew his load down his step-mother's throat.

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