Damsel In Distress 416 - You Will Say Yes

Released at: October 14, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
Brianna was head of the cheerleading squad, voted most popular and the homecoming queen. She had it all, including filthy rich parents. One day after school Brianna was called over by two guys from her class. Brent and Brock. Brent had a huge crush on her and he was determined to ask her to the upcoming dance. Brock thought he was crazy since she was dating the captain of the football team and would not be caught with Brent. Brianna laughed when he asked her, she flipped her long blonde hair off to the side and walked away. Brent's rage grew inside him, he was a straight A student, on the honor role and the captain of the school's basketball team. Brock was furious too. They made a pact that they would teach that stuck up bitch a lesson once and for all. They went to her house knowing her parents worked until after 7. Brent just walked right into Brianna's house. Brianna yelled at them for having the balls to do that. They told her they needed to talk to her. She stood impatiently as they made themselves comfortable sitting down. Brent asked her why she was such a bitch to him and she simply laughed at him again. This time Brent snapped and ordered Brock to take her down. Brock grabbed her and covered her mouth, talking her to the floor. They dragged her over to the table and bent her face down. Brock grew a hard on feeling her ass squirm against his leg. He pulled her tight workout pants down to her ankles. Her round ass up in the air for the taking. Brent was in his glory. Brianna begged them to stop and go away. Brent had gone too far to leave now. They took turns face fucking her. She finally told them she would do whatever they wanted if they would just leave. Brent told Brock to fuck the bitch. They took turns banging her tight stuck up ass and pussy. She finally gave in and allowed them to finish. She sucked their cocks with disgust. Brock was fucking her without a condom and came in her pussy. He spread her open to see his jizz ooze out to form a nice big cream pie. Brent hoped he got her pregnant! Brent finished shooting his load across her pretty little face, if only he had a camera! Now she was not so stuck up anymore. Brent knew she would never tell.

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