Damsel In Distress 414 - Look Who Is In My Bed

Released at: October 14, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
Socialite Taylor got lost on her way to a charity event. She never had a good sense of direction. Somehow she ended up out in the middle of the boonies. She ran out of gas and there was no cell phone coverage. She walked for miles in the cold. She was not dressed for hiking but a party. She was freezing. She finally saw a house and knocked on the door. There was no answer. She walked all around the house, knocking and yelling. She found an open door and went in. She collapsed on a bed and from exhaustion. Hours later the wilderness man from the house came back from cutting some wood. He noticed his door open and peered in. He saw a woman on his bed. He had not seen a woman, let alone one with all her teeth in a long time. He knew he was going to have to fuck her. He grabbed some rope from the garage and gently tied her wrists together. Before she woke up her hands were tied together and fastened to the headboard. She quickly tried to explain her situation but he was not interested. She offered him money and he was not interested. He ran his hands over her and started to squeeze her breasts. She continued to try to talk her way out her situation but it was not going well. He pulled her panties to the side and rubbed her clit. She moaned from the sensation. He pulled her dress up and pulled her tits out. He dropped his pants and pulled his cock out. He scooted up and shoved his cock into her mouth. He buried his cock deep into her throat. She told him that she was willing to do whatever he wanted if he would take her back to her car and put gas in it. She said she would even fuck him. He pushed her legs way back and fucked her hard. Then he turned her over and put her on her hands and knees. He spread her pussy lips and rammed in again. He shoved his thumb up her ass as he banged her. He smacked her white ass as she moaned and groaned. She did not want to acknowledge it but it was the best fuck she had had in years. He turned her back over and straddled her chest. He shoved his cock deep into her mouth until he was ready to cum. He grabbed her chin and shot his cum right into her mouth and all over her face. She swallowed the cum and sputtered.

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