Damsel In Distress 412 - Convict Husband Forced To Watch

Released at: October 14, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
Leihla and Brent were being transferred from the correctional facility to court when the van crashed. They were a husband and wife team that had embezzled $1 million from their employer. The driver was so they kicked open the back door and fled. They were still shackled together at hands and feet. They made their way through the woods looking for a place to hide out. They came across a farm after a long walk. They went into a building and looked for a tool to get out of the shackles. Brent found a hacksaw and went to work on the leg shackles. The farmer who owned the land saw the light in his workshop and grabbed his weapon. He entered the building to find them sawing away on the shackles. They tried to bullshit him but this was not the first time he had seen the uniforms from the correctional facility. He did not like convicts, they were a drain on society. He also liked the way the young woman looked. First he needed to make sure the big guy did not try anything. He cuffed him to a rafter and then told them what was going to happen. He told the woman to get on her knees and suck Brent's dick; he wanted a show. They objected but the farmer told him that he would let them go if she did it. She started sucking Brent's dick and the farmer made nasty comments. Soon Leihla felt his hand on her ass. This was not part of the deal they both said. They farmer was holding all the cards so there was not much either one of them could do but agree to his demands. The farmer told her to get over and start sucking is dick. He dropped his pants and shoved his cock in her mouth. Her husband Brent could do nothing but watch his wife's mouth get fucked. The farmer liked his blowjob but he wanted a whole lot more. He drug her to her feet and pushed her down on a dirty mattress. The husband was frantic. He knew his wife was about to get fucked by this redneck farmer and he could not do anything about it. Leihla tried to push back but the farmer rammed her pussy like a jackhammer. He taunted the cuffed husband while he fucked his wife. He sucked on her tits while he shoved himself between her legs. When the farmer was ready to cum he spun the woman around so her husband would have a perfect view. He told them both that he was going to shoot his load right on her pretty face. Brent screamed no but there was nothing he could do to prevent it. The farmer held her by the neck and forced his cock deep into her mouth. When he was ready to cum he held her by the chin so she could not close her mouth and shot his cum all over her face. He grabbed her by the ponytail and marched her over to right in front of her husband so he could see the farmer's cum dripping off his wife's face. He told them to get dressed and let them go.

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