Damsel In Distress 407 - Secret Santa

Released at: October 14, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
The guys at the office wanted to play a joke on hard working Taylor for Christmas so they hired Santa to visit her office. Taylor laughed and went along with the gag. She sat on Santa's lap and told him she was a good girl and all she really wanted was hot sex from her boyfriend that night. Santa was surprised that such a conservative woman would ask for that! The gag was over and Santa had left. Taylor stayed late to finish end of the year deadlines then she went home. She was expecting her boyfriend Charlie to arrive later for a romantic evening. Taylor dressed in her sexiest lingerie and sipped a glass of wine while she waited for him. The door opened and she heard a voice say "Merry Christmas, ho ho ho". Charlie walked in in a Santa suit. Taylor knew it was Charlie even though he disguised his voice, she played along with him as this was a surprise. Santa grabbed at her ass, Taylor was so happy that Charlie was being frisky since the years had become quite mundane for spontaneous sex. He pulled his hard cock out and she dropped to her knees. This was not like him so she wanted to make it last. She eagerly sucked him. Santa grabbed the back of her head hard, she yelled at him that was too rough. He yanked her head and pushed her back on his cock. Taylor was pissed now and pulled away, the Santa pulled off his hat and beard, Taylor gasped. It was not Charlie, it was a masked Santa. He grabbed the shocked Taylor and quickly bound her wrists behind her back. She quickly told him that she would cooperate. He could do anything he wanted to her. He fingered her and then he fucked her. She begged him to go because Charlie would be home any minute. She did not know Santa had called Charlie and told him Taylor was still at the office. Santa finished up giving Taylor what she had asked for and left her bound and full of cum for her boring boy friend to find.

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