Damsel In Distress 406 - Initiation

Released at: October 14, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
A young woman was and taken to an abandoned house. There she was tied up and stashed in a closet in the dark. The leader told her what was going to happen to her. She said that she would cooperate. The leader of the gang told the young recruit her had to prove himself to join the gang. He wrapped the girl's head in a sack so the recruit could not see her face. They spread her legs and began to take her body. The leader banged her first then told the recruit to get some. The recruit fucked her hard until he shot his load. The leader fucked her again and then lifted the sack enough to shove his cock into her mouth. The recruit could only see the cock sawing in and out of her mouth. The leader pulled up the sack and blew his load all over her face. He pulled the sack completely off her head to show the recruit that the slut he just fucked for hours was his own step-sister. Both siblings were in shock; the recruit was now initiated into the gang.

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