Damsel In Distress 397 - Brother's Revenge

Released at: October 14, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
Kelsie and her step-brother Anthony lost their parents in a car accident. The will left both of them the house. Anthony was a disturbed young man. He began to boss Kelsie around and abuse her. They lived far away from anyone and became secluded. Anthony would not allow Kelsie to leave the house. He became so possessive of her that she felt like a wife. He began having sex with her against her will. One day Kelsie called the police and turned him in. She had proof he was abusing her and the judge sent him away for 6 years. She ordered him to never return to the farm house where Kelsie lived alone. The day came when Anthony was released. He had 6 long years to plot his revenge against his little step-sister. He went to her house and walked in. She was horrified when she saw him. He grabbed her and covered her mouth, asking her why she turned him in. She pleaded with him to stop but he was too far gone. He noticed how she looked in her little flowered skirt. He groped at her body reminding her of the days past. Kelsie was disgusted. She cried as he kissed her neck. He stripped off her shirt and bra and grabbed her tits. He French kissed her. He took her to the living room and sat her on his lap opening her legs so he could manipulate her clit through her panties. Anthony liked to do this because it forced his step-sister to cum against her will. He rubbed her clit and held her tight until she did cum. Anthony slid his finger in her soaked panties to see how wet she was. He took her panties off and made her cum again. Kelsie cried. Anthony lay her across his lap and spread her ass cheeks open he played with her asshole and fingered her again until she came. He stood her up and pinned her against the wall French kissing her some more. She whimpered, pleading with him to stop. He moved his lips down her body to her wet pussy and licked her clit until she came again. Anthony took her to the bedroom to have his turn. Kelsie told him he could do whatever he wanted. She just did not want to get hurt. He took his cock out, positioned her doggy and slid it in her. Kelsie's pussy was tight and she let out a painful scream. He pumped her slow and deep. Kelsie's cries soon became moans. Her body involuntarily responded to his thrusts. He had fucked her so many times in the past that he knew just how to handle her. Her hands bound by rope and tied to the bed. He fucked her until she came again. He was ready to cum hard so he turned her on her back, fucked her a few more strokes and blasted his load all over her pussy. Anthony made her rub his cum all over herself, then he gave her another French kiss. He told her how good it was he was back and the two of them would have lots of fun now.

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