Damsel In Distress 1084 - A Wife For A Wife

Released at: August 10, 2020 by Red MILF Productions
Rachel Steele was a naive and sunny housewife who lived as if she inhabited the quaint black-and white world of a 1950s TV show. The sum of her ambition was to manage her home and please her husband as best she could. Unfortunately for her, the fates decided to complicated things. It all began one afternoon while Rachel was in the kitchen, cheerfully preparing her husband's supper. Her hair was pinned up, and she looked exceptionally sweet and pretty wearing a polka-dot dress with an apron over the top. Anticipating a romantic evening, she had even donned some sexy lingerie for her husband's pleasure. It was the kind of thing Ms Betty Page might wear. Sadly, Rachel had gone to such trouble in vain, for her husband presently phoned to say that he would be staying very late at the office. Although a little disappointed, Rachel accepted the situation with grace. She could not help but feel proud of her husband's devotion to his job. True to her trusting nature, she did not see anything wrong, in the fact that his young secretary was there with him, giggling in the background. It all seemed perfectly normal to her. Forgetting all about the matter, she headed off to do the laundry. Sometime later, across town, Mr Joe Hardick called that same secretary. She was his wife, and he wanted to know why she had not come home yet. This had been happening a lot of late, and he was beginning to suspect she was having an affair. He became convinced of it as he listened to her run off some excuse about helping her boss. She sounded merry and tipsy, and she seemed to be speaking from a bar rather than an office. For Joe, this was the confirmation of his worst suspicions. Always an intense and angry man, he now seethed with a need for revenge. It was a case on eye for an eye, and a wife for a wife. Since his wife was fucking her boss, Joe would even things out by fucking his boss's wife - whether she wanted it or not. Joe knew the boss' name was Frank Steele. Locating his address would be easy. Poor Rachel had no idea of the events that were now in motion. She was still in her laundry room, folding some sheets, when Joe arrived at her property and made his way in through an unlocked door. He wore a black mask and boiler suit, and his wicked intentions were obvious from the beastlike way he stalked from room to room. Finally, spotting Rachel with her back turned as she tended a washing-machine, he crept up and grabbed her from behind. From that moment on, the demure housewife's world was turned on its head. Gone was the cozy, black and white predictability. In its place was all the color and danger of the present day. On feeling Joe's arm lock around her torso and his hand clamp over her mouth, she tensed her body and tried to scream. But it was no use. Joe was too strong for her. For good measure, he suggested she be quiet and cooperative - if she did not want things to get worse. Being so timid and fearful, Rachel immediately became so obedient that Joe deemed it okay to let go of her. As she then backed against the laundry room wall, arms crossed in front of herself, cowering desperately, Joe took the liberty of explaining to her the reason for his visit. He laid out all the damning evidence of her husband's and his wife's adultery - none of which Rachel would believe. He then asked her if she had ever committed adultery herself. Rachel said that she had not, and that she would never do such a thing. At that point, Joe told her that she was speaking too soon. Then, without further ado, he demanded she remove her dress. Rachel hated to do it, but she felt she had no choice. The garment duly came off, and she was left standing in her 1950s lingerie. Her figure was trim and shapely. Her big tits bulged in a tight, shiny, pointed bra. Her hips flared sexily in an equally tight and shiny girdle. Her long, sleek legs were clad in sexy stockings. Joe was deeply impressed. But that was not to Rachel's advantage. Soon she found herself on her knees, and having to suck on his fat, hard cock. It was her first experience of oral sex, and she found it horribly demeaning. It was even worse that she was having to do it to a man other than her husband. Nevertheless, she strove to satisfy Joe so that he might treat her better. Relying on instinct, she fucked her lips up and down his length with amazing skill and sensuality. With Joe's hand pulling at the back of her head, she managed to take him balls-deep on several occasions. After this, Rachel's ordeal quickly went from bad to worse. Joe made her take off her panties - spanking her ass to spur her on. Next, he fitted her mouth with a ball-gag, took off her bra to expose her lovely big tits, and made her sit on top of the dryer with her legs apart. At his menacing order, Rachel had to rub her naked pussy while he looked on, stroking his cock. In time, Joe started fingering her himself. When he was satisfied that Rachel was wet and fuck-ready - albeit against her will - he made her lie back on the dryer, then went on to fuck her long and hard in the missionary position. Rachel constantly whimpered and sobbed through her ball-gag as she underwent this dreadful ordeal. None of this had any effect on Joe. He fucked away at Rachel without any feeling of guilt. His revenge upon his boss was turning out to be even sweeter than he had imagined. Later, Rachel had to stand up and bend over the dryer with one leg raised. Joe moved in behind and totally dominated her doggy-style. Up until then Rachel's hair had remained immaculately pinned back. Now Joe pulled it loose - giving her a wanton look that did not reflect her inner reluctance. Having been made to take Joe's cock deep, long and relentlessly that way, the housewife finally had to ride him in the reverse-cowgirl position. Determined to bring him off and end her miserable plight as soon as possible, Rachel started fucking him with all she had. She worked her fit body up and down, erotically taking his cock into her pussy again and again. It appalled her to do so - to play the nymph when she was really such a chaste and decent woman. The tactic, however, paid off. Suddenly needing to come, Joe got to his feet and XXXX Rachel to hold her tits together for him while he blasted them with a thick dose off his hot, creamy load. It was the most horrible moment of all for Rachel. But at last the end was in sight. Soon after, Joe left the house, content that he had gotten his revenge. Rachel sat huddled and trembling as she watched him go. Her chest glistened obscenely with man juice. She felt scared and alone in a new, depraved world.

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