Daddy Daughter Swap 4

Released at: October 14, 2020 by Hustler
After Kenzie and Jazmin have the brilliant idea to fuck each others fathers, they make their moves. Jazmin really comes on hard... but then gets cummed on hard! Kenzie's dad is pissed at at first, but is pleasantly distracted as his good friend fucks his daughter Kenzie in the next room. Spencer's stepdad trades her for his friend's stepdaughter but this is not her first rodeo. While her newest partner is very nervous having his first 18 year old in more than a decade, she's got the skills... and the tight youthful body, to relax him and excite him in all the right places. Nikole has been a good girl her whole life and has only had sex with two boys. But now she's doing something bit more daring when she lets her stepdad give her to his friend. A friend who's set on bringing out the bad girl in her.

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