Curious Cuck

Released at: April 1, 2022 by Touch My Wife Clips
I've always been a little curious, what would it be like to watch my wife fuck another man - one with a big dick? When I get a video from Kate in sexy lingerie, her huge tits peeking out, I'm a little surprised but intrigued. When she pulls a stranger's big cock out to show me how she sucks it, I'm nervous but turned on. She starts riding the stud's cock as he slaps her phat ass. Her pussy is a real clinger & you can see how it grips on to that big cock as she puts on a show for me. She gets super wet as her big tits bounce around. Kate likes it rough and it makes her cum hard when the guy fucks her intensely and chokes her lightly. She begs for his cum and so he pulls out and nuts in her mouth. Curiosity piqued!

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