Released at: May 13, 2010 by ChelseasDreams
Kissing my girlfriend soft and sweet. Spit stringing from our tongues and oozing between our mouths. Swapping spit and wanting more. Scene 1 is a sexual signal to a lucky young man whose semen will be extracted into our hungry mouths for our drooling cum swapping pleasure. I love the salty taste of hot cum. After deep, long ,slow kisses, we need some hot cum to swirl around in our mouths. We have the donor, now for some two girl on one guy fun. Lots of cock sucking, cock licking, ball licking and ball sucking. We need a mouth full of semen to exchange. Spit swapping, deep girl/girl tongue kissing and more cock work. Kinky play. KINKY! Squirting young cum into our mouths, we have more than a mouth full to play with. Cum drinking from a crytsal wine glass. Spitting cum into each other's waiting mouths. Cum stringing from our throats.

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