Cuckold Fantasies Vol. 21

Released at: July 22, 2013 by Roman Video
Tera Knightly is bored with her mundane, simple housewife role. Tera has been fantasizing about being ravaged by multiple studs at the same time! And she wants her husband to be right there for the action! Husband Johnny comes home to find his beautiful wife Tera Knightly horny, dressed in lingerie, and ready to fuck, he thinks he's in for some good lovin'! Guess again! Tera tells him that while spending all his money at the mall, she met a few studly guys and invited them over. She teases him and his limp, little dick. As Johnny meekly tries to argue, there's a knock at the door. Enter three strange men. Big guys. Rough, tattooed thugs. And his wife is clearly thrilled. Johnny protests as he watches Tera kiss and rub against these strange guys. They fondle her, play with her tits and ass. She makes her hubby lie down on the floor, then sits on his face. She orders him to lick her pussy and get it wet as three big manly cocks are unleashed at her face. Greedily she gobbles up those huge, hard dicks, one after another. Her mouth stretches to engulf the biggest, blackest cock of the group. She licks balls, lets them slap their meat on her sweet face. Unable to resist any longer, Tera lies on the couch and makes her husband lick her feet while her new friends from the mall fuck her. The three guys take turns fucking her pussy, then fucking her mouth. Johnny tries to get her to see reason, but Tera is lost in ecstasy. She and her friends verbally humiliate Johnny as they continue their hot, sweaty orgy. One after the other, the guys blast their cum into her tight pussy. After each load, Tera commands Johnny to get between her legs and slurp up the fresh, gooey creampies from her well-fucked hole.

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