Cuckold 2: You Wanted Me To Spend The Night

Released at: March 10, 2016 by City Girlz
Have you ever wanted your wife to spend the night with her lover? Of course you have, you're a CUCK and you thrive on other men FUCKING HER,(admit it you love the thought)...,don't be shy, thousands and thousands of other men have the same fantasy. So would you like to feel what it is like for her to CUM home after a night in the sack with a BBC, sounds HOT doesn't it ? Especially if it's her first time to stay out.....So get ready for a welcome home POV party, because he's been fucking her all night and now it's your turn to watch the action,( he's going to give it to her one more time, right in front of you ) before it's your turn..... HOTWIFE,BBC,CUM SHOT, CUCKOLD, POV ,admit it, you love the thought of all that cum in her

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