Colombian Teens

Released at: June 23, 2010 by Evil Angel - Nacho Vidal
Nacho Vidal, the world's favorite Spanish porn stud/filmmaker, went down to Colombia and came back with booty fresher and more addictive than the South American country's better known export. And the young, native hotties in the five new scenes of Colombian Teens are actually legal. Most of the sessions start with the girls posing for still photos, then succumbing to Nachos macho charm and his club-like cock. Scene 1: Yessica Gold is a light-skinned Colombian cutie with blue eyes and long, blonde hair. She has natural tits, lithe, flexible legs and butt cheeks that look especially round when perched on a stool, or a cock. As Nacho Vidal shoots still photos, she poses and teases in white, frilly lingerie and huge platform heels. Yessica kisses more like a girlfriend than a porn actress. Nacho sucks her prominent nipples and squeezes her meaty pussy lips; she blows his big cock, sits on his face and they share some 69. He fucks her standing doggie-style against the window and on her back with her legs stretched up by her head. When this teen rides dick, her butt bounces in obvious pleasure. Nailing her on the bed, he pulls her hair and she grips the sheets intensely. A hot two-fisted hand job makes him blast two separate ejaculations; the second load is just massive, with multiple semen spurts rocketing high into the air. Scene 2: Blonde Sasha has fair skin, brown eyes and cute, natural titties. The Colombian teen wears black fishnets, red heels and a pink bow around her neck. After a photographic session for Nacho Vidal's camera, he tears open her fishnets to pinch her pussy lips and squeeze his fat cock into her tight gash. She's ready _ his meat emerges visibly wet on the out-strokes. After a doggie-style fuck, she sucks cock pussy-to-mouth, making eye contact with the camera. Fucking her in dominant doggie style, he pulls her hair and compresses her head to the ground under his foot. She spreads her own ass cheeks and winks her anus. Nacho positions Sasha against the mirror and she kisses the reflection of her own mouth, masturbating and steaming up the glass. He buries his face in her crack to eat some fresh ass, then plows her some more before she strokes off his cock. Scene 3: Wandering through a park in Colombia, Nacho Vidal and his buddy Carlos come upon an interesting couple. The girl is July, a pretty, brown-eyed brunette with a sly smile. When Nacho and Carlos show interest, her rather shady boyfriend has her cover her ears... Revealing that she's 18 and innocent, he proceeds to negotiate with them! Finally informed of her boyfriend's plan, July looks decidedly excited... And decidedly hot in boots and tight pants that show off her round butt. Back at Nacho's apartment, Carlos kisses her mouth and ass. She strokes and blows both cocks. Carlos eats her pussy and fucks her on the tabletop, her leg propped up on his shoulder. The tabletop fuck goes dog-style, and as Carlos works her from behind, Nacho climbs up on the table to fuck her face, producing a stream of gag spit. She comes down to ride Nacho's dong, sit on Carlos' and take his jism in her pretty face. Scene 4: Meet the descriptively named Bodylicious, a thick, curvy Colombian with beautiful, long, black hair, robust blow job lips and big, cylindrical tits. Her eyebrows are painted sexily on her hot Latina face. Nacho Vidal photographs her, then pinches and eats her pussy. When Nacho sits behind Bodylicious and buries his face in her righteous ass, the voluptuous slut grooves on it. Her thick, red-painted lips look hot encircling Nacho's cock. He bones her tits, then her pussy, making her fluffy ass bounce. With his sweats dropped down around his ankles he gives her a standing, doggie-style fuck. She spreads and rides his meat, her phat cheeks bouncing like twin volleyballs. Her ooze of pussy juice is visible on her cunt as he fingers her with her legs bent back by her head. More fucking _ standing face-to-face, dog-style on the couch _ earns the precocious teen a mouthful of cunt-flavored cock, and her hand-jobbing earns her a big wad of cream. Scene 5: Sweet Sugar is fair of face, with dark, short hair, thick, red lips and huge hoop earrings. Her terrific legs and round butt are accentuated in high heels and pink fishnets. Nacho Vidal photographs the Colombian teen and she sucks his cock hard. She strokes his meat in her cleavage, squeezes her big nipples and lactates, then licks up her drops of young mother's milk. Nacho buries his head in her ass crack, which she rubs hotly on his face. With zero pussy prelude, Nacho's cock goes straight for her ass as she kneels on a chair. They must work his fat meat into her tight back hole, but once her ass is comfortably dilated, her anus gapes widely. Nacho eats and fingers her dark, meaty pussy lips _ we can hear her sopping juices. Sweet Sugar's rectum gets reamed in lots of fun positions, creating ever more graphic gapes. She spreads her fucked bunghole, winks her swollen, pink anal notch, and masturbates as she gapes. Riding dong for maximum penetration, her big butt looks hot. Finally Sweet Sugar gives Nacho the two-hand stroke, producing a cum gusher that geysers onto her tits and all over the room. After multiple, torrential spurts, she orally cleans his cock.

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