Cockless Vol. #25

Released at: November 10, 2013 by Ed Powers Productions
Ed Powers is back with another edition to the series "Cockless" Six girls and they're all so cute. Neveah Ashton is partnered up with another cutie in the first lesbian scene and uses a strap-on on Cherrie Potter. Charlie Laine returns to take on Cherrie Potter and Cassandra. With a strap-on and tongue the adorable Charlie aims to please. Nicole's first time on camera is with Charlie Laine. They masturbate together and take turns with the strap-on.

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Scene1: 00:00:01 - 00:44:02 (44:01)

Scene2: 00:44:03 - 01:23:11 (39:08)

Scene3: 01:23:12 - 02:12:53 (49:41)