Coach Tad Pole Gives Aliya Brynn A Curfew

Released at: September 22, 2022 by TadPoleXXXStudio

Coach Tad Pole gives Aliya Brynn a curfew. The insatiable blue-eyed stunner plays the star of Tad Pole’s softball team. Only Tad is frustrated because she keeps sneaking out after curfew during road trips. He can’t have anything happen to his star player! So, Tad Pole gives Aliya a strict curfew and insists she stay in his room so he can keep an eye on her.

Aliya is soon twitchier than a werewolf at dusk the eve of a full moon and Tad needs to know why. When Brynn reveals her game winning secret is getting laid the night before, and that she needs dick to help the team win, Coach has no other choice but to satisfy the horny young slut himself. She shows him her incredible body and supernatural suck skills and he savors her sweet, young curves before burying his cock balls deep in the breathtaking beauty.

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