Cherry Torn - Shadowplayers Punishment Sessions

Released at: July 25, 2013 by Shadowplayers
Bondage superstar Cherry Torn is shackled and bound naked in the dungeon with her pussy clamped open and her toes individually bound. There is some extreme toe play and she is brought to a quivering orgasms. After she gives a blowjob to her master, she gets bound and gagged to a frame, with clamps firmly attached to her nipples. Later, she is penetrated from both sides, with a fucking machine taking her from behind and her master's cock in her mouth.

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Scene1: 00:00:30 - 00:24:02 (23:32)

Scene2: 00:24:10 - 00:38:29 (14:19)

Scene3: 00:38:36 - 01:15:49 (37:13)

Scene4: 01:15:57 - 01:32:16 (16:19)