Buttman's European Vacation

Released at: August 17, 2000 by Evil Angel
~~**Intrigue...**~~ with beautiful blond pussy in the red light district of Amsterdam. ~~**Romance...**~~ In Paris beneath the Arc de Triumph. A voluptuous Parisian girl takes me on a 3-way double anal adventure. ~~**Sensuality...**~~ At the Cannes Film Festival I meet a beautiful Hungarian girl ready to be discovered. ~~**Sexy Bodies...**~~ In Rotterdam I rendezvous with two nubile Dutch girls. ~~**Pure Lust...**~~ On the French Riviera, Rocco returns as the italian film star, Dario, and his "coulo" obsession is as strong as ever. ~~**Real Sex...**~~ Rocco and I party in Amsterdam. (I had the camera on for most of it).

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