Bubble Gum Amateurs #18 - Got Cum?

Released at: October 26, 2007 by Taccat Home Services
"I hope Renee has her energy up because she is going to give me not one but three hand jobs today. She is a brunette vixen wearing high heels and a black and red bra/thong set. She climbs on the bed and I get some good shots of her body. I hand her some Vaseline and the fun begins. She takes her top off, I lie down in the bed and she starts working my cock. She has one hand on my balls and the other working my shaft. She has such a nice fat ass, so I have her put her back to me while jerking me off. This gets me hard in a flash. I get some nice close shots of her smiling with her hooker-red lipstick as she works it until I shoot my load right into her open mouth. Second hand job she changes into another bra/thong set. She rolls around posing on the bed for me, takes her top off again, rubs her pussy for a minute before flashing me the goods. Next she lubes up and grabs for my cock. Again I get hard in seconds. Some more nice shots of that fat ass and I end up blowing all over her lovely backside. Final hand job I convince her to get nude for me. I stand while she kneels for this one. It seems like seconds go by and I blast my load on her chest and tits."

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