Bubble Gum Amateurs #15

Released at: October 16, 2007 by Taccat Home Services
Bubble Gum Amateurs 15-Henny, Claire and Missy "First up is a blowjob from Henny. The scene doesn't waste any time and she immediately starts sucking my dick. She has big brown eyes that stare into the camera and a twist to her wrist as she sucks my dick. Lots of deep moaning and a tight body make this session very nice. She takes off her black dress as I lie down on the bed and we see a nice red pair of panties. She gets right back to sucking my hard dick, concentrating on the head. She lets lots of spit fall out of her mouth while she sucks me and the moaning is really turning me on. I lay her on her back for the finish and blast her nice white titties. Next Henny comes out in nice thong and poses for me. I feel her up for a second then lie back for a hand job. She lubes me up, straddles me then starts working on my dick. She lifts her ass up in the air so I can see it while she jerks me. She talks real nasty to the camera, too, the whole time stroking me. She changes positions a few times, lubes up some more and my cum shoots straight into the air. Second girl up is Claire who's going to jerk me as well. She's wearing a skirt, tank top and no panties when she starts. Out come her huge tits and more jerking. Claire is definitely a pro, letting me grab her by the throat for a little bit and sucks my fingers. Her technique is slow and concentrated, keeping a tight grip on my and not going to fast. She lubes me up some more, licks the bottom of my cock and rubs her pussy while she jerks me off. When I cum the first shot goes right into her eye. She opens her mouth and tries to catch the rest in there while it drips down her chest. Last girl is Missy who is going to give me a final hand job. We start lying down and she puts lube on both of her hands. She quickly gets me hard while jerking my dick on her huge tits. She rubs the head of my dick on her nipples and licks the pre-cum off of my dick. She straddles me and jerks my dick so it rubs her pussy at the same time. Her clit is huge and swollen now so she uses her other hand to start rubbing it. We change positions and I cum on her neck and chest."

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