Brooke Zanell 3

Released at: October 30, 2020 by Transational Fantasies
It's just another day at the office with blonde beauty Brooke Zannell as your hot assistant, emphasis on the hot ass. Except Brooke found you're taking your wife on a trip to the Bahamas, and she wants you to take her instead! Now, she's handcuffed herself in your office, and isn't leaving. How can she convince you to let her cum with you? Maybe if Brooke strips for you, you'll dump the Mrs. and fly with her to the Caribbean instead. If you did, she would do all kinds of naughty things on the plane with you. She'd take you to the bathroom so you could join the Mile High Club - something your old lady would never do! You could prop her up on the sink and lick her tight asshole. Everyone on the flight would know what you were doing, but it would feel so good, you wouldn't even care! While you were down there, you could suck on her trans girl cock and get it hard and throbbing. Better yet, you could suck it from behind and tug on her big balls. "Does your wifey let you get down on all fours and suck her toes?" Brooke teases as you remove her black stilettos and start polishing her little piggies with your tongue. She knows you've got a hard decision to make, but maybe she can convince you with a nice, messy blowjob. She keeps begging you to change your mind as she chokes on your rock hard cock. And then she begs you to cum all over her face! The cum drips down her chin and onto her all natural titties. Using your jizz as lubricant, Brooke lies back and jerks her fat lady stick until she squirts out her own sticky love potion. Hopefully it's enough to grease your wheels into taking her on vacation instead!

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