Bra Fitting

Released at: December 9, 2022 by Girls Out West
Sylvia Rose is on the hunt for a sexy number to hold her luscious tits in for a kinky event later. Where better to shop than Luca?s Luxury Lingerie?? Sylvia Rose is in the change room, adjusting her juicy bust into the cups, grabbing and moving each full, soft boob into the cups as Luca brings a sexy number for her to try on. This is the bra, as Sylvia clips it in, Luca helps her and there's so much massaging and tit groping that the two of them cannot contain their lust for each other and kiss passionately, soft lips eagerly and deeply pushing rhythmically into each other. Luca slides out of her work uniform revealing a green and black lace one piece, fuelling Sylvia Rose?s lusty desire even more as they fuck against the mirror, fingering and eating each other's decadent pussies, moaning.

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