Blaire - 2nd Session

Released at: December 2, 2011 by 97% Amateurs
Here is 22 year old Blaire for her 2nd session by popular demand. You can see that she is a lot more relaxed this time. She is wearing a fancy sequined purple bra & panty set. Wiggles her butt. Takes of her hot pink coverup. Takes her arm through both bra straps. Does an in-bra boob wiggle. Same in slow motion. Flips her bra inside out. Bouncing of her boobs. Same in slow motion. We also see her in a nice side view. Wiggles her boob with the bra strap beneath her left boob. Same in slow motion. Running in slow motion. Colliding boobs in slow motion. Slow motion jumping with pasties in place. Side to side wiggle in slow motion. Removes the pasties one at a time. Jumping Jacks. Same in slow motion. Removes & tosses her bottoms. Gets into a silver & blue metallic stripper wear costume. Struggles figuring out how it goes. In top boob bouncing. Same in slow motion. Her boobs pop out partway through the slow motion sequence. We loosen the top so that the silver rings at the top of the bra cups lets the nipples poke out. Jumping in slow motion with the top very loose. Undoes the halter portion & pulls the top forward with a side to side boob wiggle. Boob choke & wiggle. Same in slow motion. Removes the top & the bottom. Comes back with a white & black dress. Does an in-dress boob wiggle. Same in slow motion. LIfts the bottom of the dress up to show off her pussy. Pussy closeup. Squats a bit. She is shaved. Plops her butt on the ground. Pussy closeup. Pussy lips spread & wiggle. We zoom in very close! Bends over forward still wearing the white & black dress. We look at her pussy from behind. She turns around. Another pussy view. Standing pussy lips spread. Holds it. Gets into high heel boots (pink) pulls her knees towards her chest & fully reveals her pussy & butt for us. A scanning journey between her legs. A low angle pussy & butt view. Legs up. Spreads her pussy lips & we look at a very deep pussy zoom. She flexes her pussy & we see her most unique pussy shape. More pussy spreading & flexing. Some in slow motion. Pulls & releases her pussy lips. Gets out of her dress. We play with a small clear vacuum suction cup. Pulls the nipple up & down until it drops away. Same in slow motion. Manual breast pump play. We watch her nipple in slow motion jumping up & down. Double nipple pulls. Pulls on her right nipple. Then switches to her left side. Slow motion colliding boobs. Blaire in a printed tee shirt & blue jeans. Jumping in the shirt which has a face painted on it. Makes the bounces look very interesting. Pulls her left boob out & jumps in slow motion. Pulls her top up, then down several times. Same in slow motion. WIggles her hips. Gets out of her purple dress & black bra, then comes back with an orange top in which she does boob wiggles & boob bouncing. Another outfit change. Pushes her top together. Colliding boobs with the T-shirt on. Pulls it off in slow motion. Tosses it in slow motion. On her hands & knees for a side to side boob wiggle. Same in slow motion. Sitting boob wiggle. Butt & pussy in the air with a nice pussy spread & maximum zoom. More pussy flexing in a super closeup. Same in slow motion. Blair pulls out her boobs & does some nipple licking & self-sucking. Next she selects a Cobalt Blue glass dills. She lubes it up & for the next 5 minutes we see, hear & watch all the fun she has. We do both a slow motion & regular speed sequence where she pushes the dildo out using JUST her pussy muscles. Quite impressive. based on the original audio track which we left in place she is enjoying this portion of the session a bit more than we had expected. Twisting & turning of the dildo. Some super closeups. Signs off.

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