Best Of Olivia Saint, The

Released at: July 24, 2013 by Roman Video
She's hot! She's crazy! She's got one of the biggest asses in facesitting history! And she's back! Glorious brunette Mistress Olivia Saint, all five of her best scenes collected for the first time in one volume. She teases and taunts her slaves to the agonizing edge of ecstasy before slamming her massive butt on their begging faces. She commands their tongues to lick her pussy and clean her asshole, and they eagerly comply. Her wide, flesh ass jiggles wildly as she bounces her full weight on crushed faces. She laughs wickedly as she smothers her worthless men to near unconsciousness. Facesitting, reverse facesitting, side-saddle facesitting, ass worship, ass kissing, smothering, pony rides, intense verbal humiliation! Joined in one scene by intense Mistress Sandra Romaine, they torture and brutalize their protesting slave, whipping his head back and forth between their pussies and asses, crushing him under both their bodies. Here for the first time, all five unbelievable scenes of facesitting femdon of the sick and twisted Mistress Olivia Saint!

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Scene2: 00:11:57 - 00:39:37 (27:40)

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