Begging For Sperm

Released at: June 13, 2022 by X-Core Cinema
Feminists might argue otherwise, but the fact remains that most women have a primeval yearning for sperm something that this horny little escapde from X-Core explores to the max with a collection of spunk-crazed beauties who will literally do anything to secure a rich, tasty blowout of the white, sticky nectar. Indeed, theres no denying the fact that the likes of Porcha Sins, Tamara Grace and Megan Coxx are pretty much on heat when confronted with the source of their favourite aperitif; sucking for all theyre worth on every last inch in a bid to secure as much jizz as possible to meet their cravings. Whats more, its a quest that soon secures its objective; as one slut after the next gets to gobble on every last drop on offer!

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