Beef Tips With Tube Steak Over Cream Sauce

Released at: March 5, 2007 by World Novelties
Since we always advocate that healthy eating habits make for healthy minds and bodies, feast your eyes on our protein special, catch of the day. Close to 90 minutes of nothing but hornpipes, horn blowing honeys, sucking, rimming, kissing, trimming, smiling and taking, like a trooper, nothing but cream pies. Dessert is even included as the bakery pies come flying out hot and heavy. Some highlights and diversions include a girl who gives herself a front and back door enema----WITH A GARDEN HOSE TURNED ON FULL BLAST. Pay close attention to the cute girl with the powder blue, heavy eye shadow. Her entire face gets soaked with the flying spunk squirrel, so much that she does not need to use her cold cream before bedtime. Another lucky lassie gets popped right on her eyelid with a well-placed discharge. Being the considerate prong boy that he is, he wipes the goo away from her eye so she does not lose sight of the prize. And we have some inter-racial imbibing, lezzie fun and toys tossed in, a glass cum funnel, multiples, bukake, even have a quickie where the guy actually kisses her on the lips after he's done spraying his demon seed. Is this way too much fun or what?? For those into "cocktails", this one truly could be called "A Salty Dog." Truly, a "cum" panion piece to "69 years of classic porn." And--90% of this rim and trim is full screen stuff. Not too many long angle shots, but real up close and personal, like the dude squirts right into your eye. (The film has no audio and is compiled of rare footage that slightly compromises video quality.)

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