Barbara Broadcast - Director Commentary With Radley Metzger

Released at: November 25, 2013 by Video X Pix
Watch the full length feature while director Radley Metzger discusses the production, actors and experiences of Barbara Broadcast. Welcome to the world of Barbara Broadcast, a former high-class prostitute and now acclaimed author of sex books, as she burns up the screen in a series of the most erotic sequences ever filmed. Played by the stunning Annette Haven, Barbara is interviewed by journalist C.J. Laing in an elegant restaurant where gourmet food and gourmet sex is on the menu. C.J. Laing then ventures into the kitchen for a smoldering encounter with Wade Nichols that may just be the greatest sex scene ever filmed. Other standout moments include an corporate office encounter and a sex scene set in a busy Manhattan night club, before an intense finale featuring the return of 'Misty Beethoven', Constance Money and her tormentor Jamie Gillis. Radley Metzger's fourth film using the alias 'Henry Paris', 'Barbara Broadcast' is truly one of the greatest adult films ever made. Featuring many the great actors of the 1970s New York scene, Metzger's style and artistry coupled with his trademark charm and humor make this one of the classics of erotic cinema. Now digitally re-mastered and presented here for the first time in its uncut form with a host of extras, Distribpix is proud to present 'Barbara Broadcast'.

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