Ballista 2 - Ballista vs. The Evil Dr. Menace

Released at: April 5, 2007 by ZFX Productions
In part one, mild-mannered journalist Paula Ward (Lisa KinKaid) takes on the persona of a gun-toting vigilante comic book character Ballista after her friend Trixie (Bridgette Bayonne) is taken and her brother murdered by the henchmen of Pornogra. Pornogra is a mean porno queen whose beauty is only matched by her malicious nature and proclivity in black magic. In the guise of Ballista, Paula sets out to kill Pornogra. Now, Ballista is back, as well as her side-lick Trixie to face new dangers in the form of Dr. Menace, an evil botanist and his freaky henchman Scab. Even more sinister, another shadowy figure emerges, the master-mind of the porno slave-ring, Mr. Reams. After defeating Pornogra and making a daring escape, Ballista continues to search for Trixie. She stumbles across another bound and gagged cutie, co-ed Megan Davis (Barbara Bayer) being ravaged by 2 strange looking men and - a plant! Of course Ballista attempts to rescue the hapless girl. A huge fight ensues, which Ballista predictably loses, becoming the squirming plaything of Dr. Menace, a deranged former botany teacher with delusions of world conquest and his twisted side-kick Scab. It seems he and Pornogra have been working together on some greater plot of evil intent: the creation of an army of plant people that will dominate the planet! Much nastiness ensues, including a strange plant impregnation, and a suspended whipping delivered to Ms. Davis' lithe body. Meanwhile in another part of the building, Trixie is being worked over by one of Pornogra's henchmen, obviously displeased at her bringing so much trouble down on her boss. Much unpleasantness for Trixie too, including the devious Juan Valdez treatment! And of course, Ballista will not be neglected; her luscious body is strapped, strung up and whipped, before taking a ride in an electrified punishment chair amongst other things. One diabolic peril after another culminates in a climax you are going to have to see to believe!

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