Baddies Vol. 5

Released at: September 9, 2021 by Blacked
2022 Xbiz Award Winner for Vignette Series of the Year When Ella works up a sweat and her heart beats fast, she can't help acting on impulse. After passing Jax on her running path, she has to see what he's packing in his track pants. And with all that adrenaline in her system, she's happy to take double the workout from Jax and his friend Pressure. Summer's almost gone, and a lazy day by the pool won't suffice for Kira and Adriana. Needing one last eruption of fiery hot drama, Adriana provokes Kira into admitting her crush on Adriana's boyfriend. This final summer adventure can stay between friends. Hubby has a surprise in store for hotwife Apolonia. He likes to watch, and she has an exhibitionist streak, so she's willing to let him direct and perform beyond his expectations. But she has no idea the scene he's planning revolves around her double penetration. Tiffany has been wanting to end things with her boyfriend for a few months now, but it's like he has a sixth sense - he has showered her with gifts to keep her happy - and it has worked. His latest gift is a trip to Greece - she has always wanted to visit, and it's only one more week. With her boyfriend keeping close by at all times, she has been flirting with the waiter at the resort and over her time there, the tension has grown to be practically unbearable. So when her new found friend takes her to the beach on her last day, there's no doubt that this vacation is going to have a happy ending after all.

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