Babysitter Auditions 2

Released at: July 30, 2019 by Burning Angel Entertainment
Pressing on with our search for the perfect babysitter, petite princess Elsa Jean arrived for her interview. Even though her ass looked yummy and her body looked fit and fuckable, we still needed to make sure that she was in the proper physical shape to take on the strenuous duties of "Babysitting." Still on the hunt for the best babysitter, we invited cutie Kenzie Reeves to try out for the job. The number one thing we look for in a babysitter is being prepared, so we needed to make sure that Kenzie was geared up for any possibility, including a massive heat wave. We kicked off the interview by telling Alina Lopez how important it is that our little one be well-versed in the arts. And what's an essential part of all great art? Well, inspiration, of course! So we offered her the living room as her stage. Alina got to work, gyrating her stacked body as she twerked her juicy ass and motorboated us with her perky titties. Our quest for the ideal babysitter continues, and next on our list of prospects was the adorable Adria Rae. We gave Adria some sexy lingerie to put on while she massaged the stress out of us. But of course, in our grand family tradition, one thing led to another and the massage turned into a full-on fuck-fest.

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