Authentic Nuru, An

Released at: February 9, 2021 by Fantasy Massage
Charles Dera walks into his afternoon Nuru appointment and is absolutely stunned at how beautiful Jenna Foxx looks. He can't help but walk right up to her and kiss her. She kisses him back enjoying his tongue as it collides with hers. She takes his hand and leads him to the massage area. Lucas Frost is on his phone looking up massage parlors in the neighborhood. He ends up stumbling on a name he recognizes. Upon further research, he realizes the reason he knows the name is because it's his friend's mom! He can't believe his luck. Cyrus King has heard really good things about the massage parlor down the street. Needing some down time, he decides to walk down and check it out. He walks into the reception area and is greeted by the owner and two of the loveliest ladies he has ever seen. Kira Noir & Daya Knight introduce themselves which leaves Cyrus with a huge dilemma; he has no idea who to choose.

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