Ashley Wolf on Sex Machine

Released at: December 20, 2018 by Desert Wind Studios
We don't know what keeping this very pretty and nice girl coming back to see the 86 year old man. He convinces her that she should try out the sex machine he has. She show up in a pretty red dress, looking very innocent which by the way we kind of question after seeing her in two other videos with the old guy. She tries it first keeping her cute little pink panties on and OMG does she love it. He then has her take her panties off and it is even better for her. She has a LOT of tiny climaxes and some big ones. Off come the panties and the old guy puts on the rotating, pulsating cock. She slides down on the cock and turns on the machine. She does some of the best work we have seen on a sex machine. The old man sits behind her and plays with her tits and the machine grinds away. Toward the end she grabs both of his hands in hers tightly as she has an outstanding climax. We hope she comes back to see the old man again.

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