Art of Anal Sex 15, The

Released at: August 5, 2022 by Tushy
TUSHY are connoisseurs of THE ART OF ANAL SEX. This series goes in-depth on the great works of anal expressionism. Featured cover girl Sophia Burns is an A student, but she's been a bad girl. Will the professor she's seeing after class be able to put this sassy lass with the sultry smile back on track? Ryder Rey, Lola Bellucci, and Sia Siberia are all here among our curated masterpieces of ass. Astounding stories, elegant settings, and ground-breaking performances: TUSHY invites you to witness THE ART OF ANAL SEX.

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Scene1: 00:00:08 - 00:46:42 (46:34)

Scene2: 00:46:58 - 01:21:06 (34:08)


Ryder Rey

Scene3: 01:21:23 - 01:55:24 (34:01)

Scene4: 01:55:38 - 02:33:01 (37:23)