Anal Teens-N-Toys 2

Released at: November 2, 2004 by NJ Films
Anal beads, dildos and strap-ons, all served up on a plate for these fine young women to satisfy their all girl lust. We open with brunette Michelle Lay, a sweetheart of a person with an absolutely smokin' body and wearing a hot set of pink-UGG boots, receiving an anal-bead orgasm from 19-year-old Asian girl-toy, Annie Cruz. Not to be outdone, Annie takes it up the ass and has more than one orgasm of her own! Up next with a solo scene is beautiful 20-year-old fuck slut Gia Paloma - we all know what a slut she is! Antonette, a 19-year-old solo queen, bounces up and down on a big purple cock, suctioned to the toilet seat to increase her pleasure! Flower Tucci gets it straight up the shit-chute from our American Indian hottie, Cherokee. 21-year old English black girl Jade, graces us with a sizzling solo performance - one of her few during her short time in the business! Not to be outdone, 18-year-old Asian cutie, Asia, shows us how she can work a toy...Whoa! Trista Post gives us not just any solo scene, but a hot, anal solo scene! Summer Lynne, a blonde with amazing, huge natural tits goes at it with 20-year-old Ice La Fox - I love seeing girls in a 69! 3 hot solo scenes round out the mix with Nubian princess Tyana Mils in an anal solo scene - she has a nice big, ghetto booty just ripe for the pickin' and a-fuckin'. 19-year old Asian sweetheart Kylie Rey and 21-year-old red head Smokie Flame! For the last full scene in the all girl extravaganza, we bring in newcomer, 19-year-old Filipina, Arcadia in only her 5th scene in the business. Jada Fire - another girl with amazing tits - teaches Arcadia how to fuck another girl up the ass by taking it up her chocolate dumper! Pussy eating, anal beads, tribbing (as were told it's called when 2 chicks rub their pussies together), great tits, girl/girl 69, and soooo many toys ... what more could you want from all girl porn?

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