Anal In Your Dreams

Released at: March 2, 2022 by Only3x
Let's dream together about Martina Smeraldi! This casual afternoon porn watching on the tablet summons Martina right on otp of you... Is this a magic tablet or what?! Or is it a wet dream? Well who cares when such a hottie just misteriously lands on your lap... Her fishnet overall covers her otherwise bare naked body. The only part, which is not covered at all - just as in the movie seen on the tablet -is her pussy. We got to see that pussy up close quickly. She's got a tight little pussy with a great looking clitoris! Oh my, it would be really nice to just eat it out then fuck it! But first - let her pamper you a little bit, let's get spoiled! She starts working on your cock with fast yet tender strokes.Taking it deep with her mouth she has her eyes wide open looking at you. When that dick is hard and lubricated enough - she just slips right on it and takin' it deep again with her pussy. Soon that top part of the fishnet gets off and her great boobs get revealed. Looks real yum I must add. After a bit of fuck she takes the time to have her ass right in your face and suck your cock 69 style. When done, she slips right back where she left off and you got to fuck her in reverse cowgirl style. But only after some fingering of that pussy. Time to be in control of your dream fuck and do her in her ass finally. Deep anal penetration - heck yeah! Since this is happening in missionary pose you are really in control of the action. You really have a huge dick but it goes right deep inside. She takes it really well. This dream girl just born for this. And how do the best dreams end? Wet. Yup - you have the opportunity to release your load of cum right on her asshole. And you really do aim well and it lands right on. It does drip a bit down to her pussy, but whatever she can get her hands on she eats it. No jizz to be wasted - let's consume it from my ass - she thinks! What an afternoon nap is that. Love it!

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