Amber's Anal Punishment

Released at: March 4, 2021 by Amber Michaels Productions

In this clip, I am Blackmailed by a Very Dominant woman. Her name is Loren and she is on a mission to make me be an extremely submissive slut. She found some of the hardcore bondage scenes that I shot. Tying others up and dominating them until they were my slaves. Humiliating them even in public to make them obey me.

Not loving what she saw, Loren sneaks into my home dressed in black PVC looking very powerful. I am on a bondage bench and she locks the metal collar around my neck and ankles. As I am helpless on my knees and can not break free of these metal restraints, I am helpless. She goes and grabs some rope. Each time I say NO she slaps my face, she will not take NO for an answer. She begins to spank my ass with her hands and the rope before putting a hook gag in my mouth and a nose hook as well. As she adds the rope tightly, she connects it to my hose hook and yanks it back. Making me very uncomfortable and more willing for the ultimate humiliation.

She has a Huge Enema bag connected to the back of the bondage bench, with a huge amount of water in it! She then smiles as she puts the tube in my ass and unclamps it, letting all the fluid enter my ass. She then says my slut ass needs to be cleaned. And I will not call for help as she has all the dirt on me and all my activities. I lay there helpless, moaning and whimpering. No help is coming as she smirks again. Telling me before she leaves, that she can and WiLL return anytime she wishes to punish me more and more! No escape for me... I must be her pet and slave now. I am helpless to do anything thing else!

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