Amateur Wives Take It Black

Released at: April 22, 2013 by Homegrown Video
Scenes Include ================ Angie Noir - Tail From The Dark Side --------------------------------------------------------------- Busty brunette Angie Noir answers the door to a black guy. It's not long before she has his big thick cock in her mouth. Soon she climbs aboard his big black pole and fucks him senseless, talking dirty all the time with her big tits bouncing around! Next she lies back, spreading her legs wide to take more black cock deep inside. This brunette can't get enough, finally taking a thick load of splooge in her mouth and on her hand! Seven - My Trip To The Adult Video Store ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Checking out the DVDs in a sex shop, Seven starts getting it on with Special Breed, a black guy who is working there. She is soon jerking his shaft and sucking the end nastily, but the dick is just too big! She then lies back and takes his thick dick deep inside! After having a huge black cock buried way inside her tight cunt and more blowjob action, she gets on top, riding him all the way up to orgasm until finally taking a hot load on the face! Miss Lady - More Than She Bargained For ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Miss Lady is joined by her lover Pharoah. Getting on all fours and sticking her ass in the air, she goes down on our guy. Warm up over, she climbs on top and takes his cock inside with ease. She gets fucked from behind in doggy style, then lies back and spreads her trimmed pussy to take yet more dick, loving every second. Our guy finally blows his muck inside the blonde and we get a close up of her warm creampie! Beacha - Happy Birthday To Me ------------------------------------------------------- Tony is giving his wife, Beacha, the best present ever - a younger black cock! Eager to get going, she takes his huge black dick in her mouth straight away. Then spreading her legs high, our guy slides inside. Next she gets fucked hard from behind. She soon takes that huge dick in her ass, moaning loudly! Back to more doggy style and missionary, ending up with our guy jerking off in her mouth and all over her chin!

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Scene1: 00:00:57 - 00:19:41 (18:44)


Angie Noir

Scene2: 00:19:43 - 00:27:06 (7:23)



Scene3: 00:27:08 - 00:44:56 (17:48)


Scene4: 00:44:58 - 01:23:11 (38:13)


Miss Lady

Scene5: 01:23:13 - 01:59:59 (36:46)