Amateur Lesbians #3

Released at: July 30, 2013 by Homegrown Video
Lily Cade & Tilly McReese - Getting Things Cooking In The Kitchen ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tilly has only been with 1 girl before and she loved it so much that she decided to hook up with Lily. Lily talks Tilly out of her panties and gets in close to check out her sexy tight ass. Then she asks her to turn around so she can finger her tight pussy. She starts to really make Tilly cum then she moves her over on top of the stove and makes her scream. Tilly squirts all over the stove then they take turns making each other cum before Lily carries her away! Charisma Cappelli & Dakota Riley - Fit To Be Tied ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Charisma sees Dakota relaxing naked and decides she looks like she needs to be tied up. She ties her feet to her wrists with red ribbons so she can't get away and for easy access to her pussy! She gets to work sucking Dakota's clit and playing with her piercing, sticking her tongue deep into her wet hole. Then she brings out "the squirter" starting off slowly and working her up to orgasm. Charisma takes off the ribbons and they both work her pussy until she cums loud and hard! Lily Cade & Sadie Holmes - First Scene Squirting Party -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lovely brunette Sadie Holmes is getting ready to shoot her first lesbian scene! She has only been with a girl once and it wasn't enough to satisfy her needs, so she came to Lily Cade to find out what it's really like. Lily gets down to business right away and gets Sadie out of her panties to play with her shaved pussy. Lily starts to lick Sadie's pussy and slowly builds her towards orgasm until she squirts all over the couch and she admits it's her first time! Then Lily decides to make things more interesting. She puts on a big, blue strap-on and fucks Sadie until everything is covered in her cum! Sabina & Violett - What A Girl Wants, 2 Girls Want More ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sabina brought a surprise for her girlfriend Violett, a big silver vibrator! Violett starts to lick Sabina's rear and spreads her cheeks to get a better look at her asshole. Then she munches down on her pussy as she stands up on the couch. Not it's Sabina's turn to show what she's got as she goes down on Violett's hairy pussy. A silver toy gets thrown into the mix and they fuck each other with it working all of their holes! They 69 cumming over and over again until they can't cum anymore.

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